Tropical Flower in Belize

Photography - Digital Art

Photography – Digital Art

When I was in Belize, I noticed this amazingly beautiful bright orange-red flower with golden yellow edges perched on top of a tree.

What led me to it was the flower petals on the ground.  When I looked up, there was this tall tree with the exotic flowers on top.  This picture I took was from under the tree looking up against the sky.

Later, I learned this flower is native to tropical Africa called “African Tulip” (also known as the fountain tree because the buds squirt water when squeezed). It is widely planted throughout the tropics and has naturalized in many parts of the Pacific.

The flower cup holds rain water and dew attracting hummingbirds, birds, and bats. Although African tulip tree is not typically thought of as a toxic plant, African hunters are said to have boiled the seeds to extract arrow poison.


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